2 Tones Brewery expands

Launches new beer, "Hogue's Hope"

In the coming months, Circleville natives Anthony McKeivier and Tony Hill will be expanding their Whitehall based 2 Tones Brewing company to a spacious standalone location on E. Broad St. to grow their passion for the future. “We are actually getting the key tomorrow”, said Hill. “Moving forward, we are looking to purchase a new brewing system and double our brewing capacity.” “We are excited by the opportunity”, added McKeivier.

In the beginning, the 2 Tones Hill and McKeivier didn’t always dream of high volume craft beer brewing. “My brother Austin actually got us into craft beer,” said Hill. 2 Tones was born in 2009 in a duplex the roommates rented by using a turkey fryer to experiment with random home brew craft beer recipes during downtime as they attended college at The Ohio State University.

Today, 2 Tones brews over twenty different labels. Some of the most popular brews include 2 Tones IPA, Barley’s Home Brew, and Uncle Joe’s Irish Red Ale, which was developed in memory of Anthony’s uncle Joe. They also brew a beer called Crumble, which was designed to entice non-traditional beer drinkers with a uniquely indulgent vanilla sugar cookie flavor. There really is a style and flavor of beer for everyone from 2 Tones!

In addition to the existing labels, 2 Tones brewing company is introducing a specialty brewed beer in honor of Matt Hogue, who sadly passed away from his battle with cancer in August of 2017. The beer labeled “Hogue’s Hope” will be launched on Saturday March 31st at a Gant’s Pizza in Circleville. $50 from each keg sold of this limited edition “Hogue’s Hope” beer, will be donated to the fundraising efforts for the 2018 Pelotonia ride, that will directly benefit cancer research. “Cancer sucks”, McKeivier said. “All of us have been impacted by this horrible disease”, added Hill, “and it’s our pleasure to support this local cause”.

The 2 Tones creativity, ambition, and generosity is greatly appreciated throughout Circleville and central Ohio. “Matt was a wonderful husband, father, and friend to many Circleville residents”, said Brittany Hogue, Matt’s widowed wife. “We put some heads together and came up with the idea of creating a beer to sell in honor of Matt. 2 Tones brewery was kind enough to entertain the idea, and jump on board with the partnership.”

Hogue’s Hope will be launched at Gant’s pizza at 6:30pm on Saturday March 31st, and the event is open to the public. For more information on Pelotonia Cancer research, please visit


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