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Thanks for joining me again for week three of Kimberly’s BFF! I hope you all had a safe 4th of July and a wonderful time with friends and family! We sure did!


With the shortened week, because of the holiday, we were still able to squeeze in some budget friendly fun! One of the things we have done was created a “Summer Bucket List”. Our list includes super silly things like going to a restaurant and ordering dessert before dinner, dancing in the rain, pajama day, dance party in the house, and we also have included some other things such as go see Tecumseh, take snacks to the fire department/sheriff station, write and mail a letter to a family member, and more. The great thing about making a “Summer Bucket List” is letting your kids help choose silly things they think would be fun to do and writing them down into a list makes it more concrete and more likely for you to complete it! We try and mark off a couple of things per week and every time we mark something off the kids get so excited that we are accomplishing it! Babysitters, grandparents, parents, anyone can make a fun “Summer Bucket List” of things you would like to do and the things don’t have to cost much or ANY money at all! Hopefully #kimberlysBFF has given you a head start of some ideas to add to your list!


If you haven’t been to Keystone Books and Gifts on Main Street in Circleville then you are totally missing out! In addition to having an amazing selection of books, toys, coloring books, and more, the back half of the store has been transitioned into a business called Orange You Glad, where you can paint your own pottery! You choose your pottery piece and for the price listed that includes the pottery, all the supplies, paint, and the firing in the kiln! Prices vary from around $10 and up and it is so much fun painting! The kids and I went in this past week and painted a few pieces and cannot wait to pick them up; once you are done painting you pick them up about a week later after they have fired your piece in the offsite kiln. Keystone/Orange You Glad is all family run and we worked with some of the younger employees and they were amazing with the kids and very knowledgeable about the pottery and the process, it was a great environment!

***Paint YOUR OWN pottery at Orange You Glad! ***

Mention The Circleville Guide and get 25% off
Only valid until the end of July. Must be during normal business hours Monday-Thursday.
Not valid with any other offers or specials.


This week our kid-friendly recipe was defiantly approved with two thumbs up by both kids! It is very simple and if you’re anything like me, I prefer to serve homemade food rather than frozen and processed food!


1. Two boxes of JIF cornbread

2. Milk/eggs as directed on the box

3. 1 package of hot dogs (any kind you like—beef, pork, turkey, vegetarian)

4. Mixing bowl and spoon

5. Mini muffin tin (well-greased or use mini muffin/cupcake wrappers)
Preheat the oven as directed on box. Mix the cornbread mix in the bowl as directed on the box. Cut the hot dogs into chunks. Fill mini muffin pan cups about halfway through with cornbread mix. Let the kids put 1-2 hot dog pieces into each cup-push into mix. You can use a tiny bit of cornbread mix to completely cover the hot dog if you choose (I did on some of them-see picture). Simply place in oven and bake only about 8-10 minutes or until golden brown. When done let cool and remove from muffin/cupcake wrappers and enjoy with ketchup or your favorite condiment! They turned out so tasty!

Thank You

Thank you so much for joining me again for week three of Kimberly’s BFF! I hope you are enjoying some budget friendly fun with the special kiddos in your life, I know I am! Make some memories this week and remember…fun doesn’t have to be expensive! See you right back here neck week for the last installment of our series!


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