Blueberry Fields Forever

Blueberry Valley's you-pick season draws near.

Did you know Americans eat approximately 735 million pounds of blueberries each year? And did you know that according to Harvard University, women who eat blueberries at least three times a week are 34 percent less likely to suffer a heart attack? It’s true! Maybe The Beatles should have done Blueberry Fields instead of Strawberry Fields Forever!

Blueberry Valley in South Bloomfield knows these facts and that’s why they have more than ten acres of pick-your-own fresh blueberry fields. For those not into picking their own, they also offer the pre-picked variety. Central Ohio’s go-to place for blueberries, Blueberry Valley, is located at 14337 US-23, South Bloomfield, Ohio 43103. That is near the corner of OH-752 and US-23.

Blueberry season is about to start so make sure to follow Blueberry Valley on Facebook to find the dates and times for the upcoming season. Last year, the you-pick season lasted only about six weeks. You won’t want to miss it!

Additional Information

Additional information can be found at www.blueberryvalley.com. Photos courtesy of Blueberry Valley.

Blueberry Valley offers blueberry goods and honey as well.

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