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Cane Game Older than Pumpkin Show

Carl Dearwester said he’s been working the Dearwester cane booth for 61 years, but the game has been going to fairs for 127 years. That’s right… the cane game started in 1892, 11 years before the first Pumpkin Show. Dearwester said they travel all around Ohio.

Throw for these top canes. You can only win 1 per day.
Its harder than it looks to get a wrong on one of these hooks.

For $10, you can get 50 rings. Throw the rings towards the top rack of canes. If you put a ring onto the cane, you win a cane. There’s a limit of 1 big cane per day per person. If you miss the big cane, don’t worry, your wring may still land on the little canes below.

These are the consolidation prizes. For some, they are the main prize.
Under no circumstances should you whip your siblings with these.

If you grew up around Pumpkin Show, you have probably one hundreds of these over the years. The canes are to be used as walking sticks only, according to the sign. You absolutely should not use them to sword fight with your brother, even though you know better because you are well past 40.

Be sure to stop by and see if you can win a cane, not because you need a cane, but because if you win one and your buddies don’t, that’s a lot to talk about. The cane game is prominently located on East Main Street near the main intersection with Court Street.

These pictures and more are available on the Circleville Guide pics page.

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