Circleville Business Launches Original Game

Newt's Games creates Kickstarter campaign.

Photo of the game from Newt’s Cards & Games.

Newt’s Games & Cards of Circleville has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for their original game, “Pumpkin Roll Dice Game.”  The game is a fast-paced dice game that features pumpkin-style characters that pay tribute to Newt’s local roots.  According to the campaign, the idea for the game started around 2014.  Over the years, the developers played the game over and over again, tweaking the rules as they went until they found a product they were happy with.

In order to launch the game, Newt’s is looking to raise $1,000. In just two days, they have raised more than $450. Support for the game starts at just $10 and if you’d like to own the game, the price starts at just $25.  You can see all the levels and the Kickstarter campaign here.

Meet the Pumpkin Rollers

The Dinkie’s (aka the Pumpkin Rollers) are close relatives of a local icon from a yearly festival in Circleville, Ohio. Each member of the Dinkie family has a relative that looks very similar. For example, Blinkie and Jinkie are always confused for twins because the only difference (aside from their age) is that Blinkie is a boy and Jinkie is a girl. Rinkie is very timid and maybe even a little “yellow” but Slinkie is one sly kitty! Thinkie is the brains of the bunch and Binkie is the baby of the family. Stinkie the spider on the other hand is known for his mischief and often causes issues whenever he rolls around.

Photo from Newt’s Cards & Games.

Game Play and Rules

Spinner from the game. Photo from Newt’s Cards & Games.

OBJECT: Be the first player to get all seven of your dice to match the character that shows up when a player spins the spinner to receive a slice of the Pumpkin Roll (token).

HOW TO PLAY: (2-4 players.) Start with the youngest and play in order of age (youngest to oldest). First choose your color of dice. Set aside the one die that is different from all the others (a good idea is to put it in the dice cup).

The first player uses the spinner to see what the goal of the Pumpkin Roll is. Whichever character the spinner lands on that is the character everyone has to get on all seven of their dice. (For example, if first player’s spinner lands on Slinkie for their spin then when a player has Slinkie on all seven of their dice they yell “Slinkie Roll”.

Be careful if you confuse Rinkie for Slinkie then you have to start your roll all over and the other players continue the play. The first player to have all seven dice with Slinkie or “Slinkie Roll” and they are all correct gets to roll the single die set aside for a chance to get Pumpkin Roll You Win. If this happens player wins the round and a slice of the “Pumpkin Roll” (token). If they roll the “Stinkie/Start Over” side of the die then that player has to start rolling all their dice again and the other players continue rolling the remainder of their unmatched dice.

RANDOM SPINNERS CHOICE: If a player spins and the spinner lands on this space then the spinner gets to choose what character everyone is rolling their dice for.

STINKIE: If a player spins and the spinner lands on Stinkie then that player’s spin is over and it goes to the next player.

WINNING: The first player to get five slices of “Pumpkin Roll” (tokens) wins the game

All art was created by the family of the owners.

About Newt’s Games

Newt’s Games & Puzzles (aka Newt’s Playing Cards) is a Division of the E-Quiver, Inc. family of companies and is located in Circleville, Ohio. They specialize in gift ideas, accessories, playing cards, card games and decks of cards. You can visit their website at www.newtsgames.com.


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