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Circleville Dairy Queen Opens

Local manager and staff excited

The Dairy Queen at 702 South Court Street in Circleville is now selling ice cream and food. The neon “open” sign has been lit since Tuesday; however, they have not been promoting their reopening, yet. (shhh…. don’t tell anyone.) Circleville manager, Annette Morton, greeted customers sitting at the picnic tables on Court Street, at a scene that has become a staple of Circleville summers. Since 1959, patrons have sat and watched life go buy while enjoying Dairy Queen’s signature soft-serve ice cream and Blizzards. Morton said they haven’t promoted the opening yet, because “There’s a lot of training to do, registers are brand new to most of us, and we’re still organizing a few things.”

The family that owns the Dairy Queen in South Bloomfield purchased this restaurant in the fall of 2017 and has been working to remodel it every since. Morton said she worked in the South Bloomfield Dairy Queen. She said, “the Warner family owns a store in South Bloomfield, two in Lancaster, one in Reynoldsburg, New Lexington, and maybe part of the Waverly one.” When I asked “Why Circleville?”, she replied, “The Warners love DQ baby. DQ is their life.” Morton said they know how to run Dairy Queens well.

The store now sports a copper color roof, new stone-work on the front, larger windows that look into the restaurant, and all new kitchen equipment. There’s a new glass case up front, and the staff has placed ice cream cakes in the display. Morton said, “Everything is improved. Everything has been redone inside and out. All new machines. No shortcuts. It’s very clean.” Morton said that they are super excited to be open. She added, “There’s not a lot of walk-up dairy queens left. This one is special. We’re going to get new umbrellas out here. It’s coming along pretty well.”

Morton said they would do an official announcement soon. “We want people to know we’re open, and we also want to be ready. We want to make sure everybody’s happy, and that they want to come back,” Morton finished.


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