Circleville Nutrition Grand-Opening

Healthy shakes good enough to be dessert

Young entrepreneur Sarah McEntee believes that one’s career should be about more than simply making a decent paycheck, but rather it should be about having a passion in one’s field of work and sharing that passion with others. Sarah’s new business, Circleville Nutrition, is located at 106 W Main Street, where her passion for helping others live healthily is finally coming to fruition. Circleville Nutrition offers specialty shakes produced with various Herbalife products to help people get healthy while providing them with products that, according to Sarah, “taste like dessert.”

Before deciding to open a business, Sarah worked for many years at Nationwide Children’s Hospital after graduating nursing school. Sarah was a marathon runner and she found it consistently difficult to put on weight. It was during this time that Sarah was introduced to Herbalife products, and she has been using them ever since. Sarah is all about having a healthy lifestyle and doesn’t believe in dieting. With Herbalife products, Sarah says that she is able to enjoy all of her meals, without having to worry about carbs or her caloric intake. The happiest she’s ever been, Sarah doesn’t get tired of using Herbalife products for all of her meals. “A lot of people think that it’s only shakes,” Sarah says, “but you can even make this stuff into waffles or pancakes!”

After falling in love with Herbalife products, Sarah obtained her personal training license and left nursing to be a health coach. While Sarah loved her time working as a nurse, she is a firm believer in the importance of following your passion and purpose in life, and Sarah has found her passion in providing others with healthy and positive lifestyle options. Sarah recalls wishing that she would have had somewhere like Circleville Nutrition available to her when she was younger, and she is beyond excited to provide a healthy option and a positive environment for the people of Circleville. All of the products at Circleville nutrition are plant based, sweetened with Stevia, and free of artificial additives; they will even be offering dairy free and vegan options, as well as kid sized and pre/post workout shakes.

While Sarah is very excited to provide the community with a delicious and healthy alternative, she also wants people to be able to continue a healthy lifestyle on their own as well. In helping people to accomplish this, customers will be able to purchase Herbalife products online or through distributors working behind the counter. But the health initiative doesn’t end there. Circleville Nutrition will also be incorporating workouts, offering the community yoga, cardio drumming, and fitness challenges; these will be implemented toward the end of this summer, once the business has gotten fully settled.

Circleville Nutrition’s grand-opening is Saturday, May 19th, from 8:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. and there will be raffles and giveaways to celebrate! With its adorable, coffee shop vibes, delicious shakes, and free WiFi, Circleville Nutrition will no doubt be a great hotspot for anyone looking to study, hang out, and get healthy all at the same time! Make sure you stop by this Saturday and support Circleville’s newest local business!



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