Circleville Salon Fashions Positive Vibes

"I view my work as a getaway from reality"

It is not a secret that Circleville is a city that has encountered hard times in recent decades and few know that better than Tara Brzycki. Tara is a 1999 graduate of Circleville High School who found herself in the middle of the drug epidemic. But with a positive attitude, family support and her faith, she now finds herself as a successful small business owner in the same town that troubled her in her youth.

Tara, a talkative and upbeat woman, began her journey as a hairstylist in 2009 with her newly found sobriety. She always knew that she wanted to work with people since she had started waitressing at 16. She thought that being a hairstylist would mesh her love of people with her creative passions in a successful way. Following two years of Cosmetology School, Tara found herself renting a booth at a local salon and building a solid clientele.

What makes Tara different from other hairstylists is she focuses on the positive aspects of life. Tara said, “I view my work as a getaway from reality, and that’s what I want for my clients.” That model proved successful for her because within six years, Tara had accumulated around 200 regular clients who fill her schedule about 36 hours per week. Then in July 2017, Tara took a leap into business ownership when she opened Salon Ablaze, located at 108 Scioto St., Circleville.

Now the studio, nearly fully staffed, implements that same strategy that has proven successful for Tara. Salon Ablaze aims to be a fun and upbeat place for people who go there. Tara believes so much in this model that she has all her stylists sign a “contract” saying they will remain positive and happy for their clients. After all, she thinks everyone “deserves that escape.”

In addition to a positive outlook, Tara believes that all people deserve to be given confidence through beautiful hair. That’s why she has worked with the People of Pickaway and provided makeup and haircuts to six disabled people. Tara said, “It made me so happy to see the recipients with smiles on their faces. I have great respect for people with disabilities and their families. I’m so glad that my talents got to bring them joy.”

When asked where she thinks she will be in five years, she hopes to expand her business. So far, she is happy with the goals she’s attained but she does see the potential for so much more. As a teacher for L’Oreal she sees lots of young people interested in her field. She encourages those youth to set their ultimate goals and do what they need to accomplish them.

If interested in learning more about Tara’s business, Salon Ablaze, the contact number is (740) 601-7723.


Kevin Douglas

Kevin Douglas is from northern Pickaway County and a 2007 graduate of Teays Valley High School. He completed his undergraduate studies in Communication at The Ohio State University in 2010.

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