Circleville Schools to Launch New Website

New circlevillecityschools.org will launch June 22.

Circleville City Schools is slated to launch their new website tomorrow night, June 22.The web address for the district will remain unchanged, www.circlevillecityschools.org.  By teaming up with ESchoolView, a Columbus based company, the current 29,000 viewers per month will see many refreshed and re-imagined tools. All content was designed to streamline how the district organizes their information on their website given the average user only spends three minutes on the site.

A district spokesperson said, “We are excited for things to come full circle tomorrow in a move that we feel will strengthen district communications and connect us even closer to the students, families, and community we so proudly serve.”

Some of the new website features will include:


The first thing visitors will notice with the new site is a visually aesthetic layout design. The design is photo driven and presents the school story with a scrolling slideshow at the top of each page. District and building news will also be located on the landing page for each building and will contain school specific information and stories on upcoming and past events.

Streamlined events calendar

Each building in the district will have a place for its specific events to help keep families better informed. Additionally, the district as a whole will have an aggregated events page for those interested in a district-wide event search.

Social Media Hub

As each new student enters the district, families are increasingly rely on social media channels for their news and information. For that reason, each page will feature a dynamic “Social Media Hub” that updates every half hour featuring news, reminders, photos, and information from around our three schools. District administrators have empowered the staff to be advocates of their profession by sharing photos and insights from their classrooms with parents and the community on Twitter to connect parents with what exactly goes on in their child’s classroom each and every day. This social hub will now reflect a collection of those posts.

Community feature in the bottom banner 

The Circleville community offers much for students and families, so the site will highlight some of those community offerings in the bottom website banner. From Pickaway County Parks to the Pickaway County Library, a collection of resources to direct families to family fun, health care, or academic programming will be implemented.

Website accessibility

Integrated on every page at the bottom right hand corner is a new tool from userway.org. The tool assists disabled website users who are visually impaired, blind, auditory impaired, suffer from seizures and epilepsy, and/or are motor impaired. Accommodations to meet the medical needs of those users include keyboard navigation, an enlarged cursor, screen contrast adjustments, larger text, link highlights, legible fonts, page readers, and the de-saturation of colors. As a part of this district accessibility initiative website photos will now feature alternative text to be read upon request for the visually impaired.

Google translate

To embrace students and families with different backgrounds, whose primary language might not be English, A translator function from Google will be located in the top banner of the new website. In a related note, the district has worked with the high school Spanish teacher to begin the process of translating enrollment packets and other pertinent school documentation for Spanish speaking families within the district. These will be available online under registration as well..



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