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Deercreek Dam Days creates a sense of community

Something positive for small town

The Deercreek Dam Days, a fun festival for the whole community, would not be what is is today without the help and participation of Patricia Pettit and her husband, Kenneth. The Pettits own the IGA Express, with stores currently in both New Holland and in Williamsport, with a new store currently being built in Commercial Point. Patricia and Kenneth have been assisting with the production of the Dam Days for about four or five years now to date, and played integral roles in the reconstruction of the festival in recent years.

A while back, the festival took a year off and the mayor at the time decided it was time for the festival to be rebuilt. The mayor began putting together a committee to help lead and implement the new construction. It was on this committee that Patricia and Kenneth first became involved and, since then, the Pettits have devoted countless hours and resources to getting the Dam Days festival back on its feet. They believe that the Deercreek Dam Days is important, not only because it provides something positive in a small town community, but also because it brings a sense of community to the town. It’s a fun event in the community and everyone is involved and supportive together.

Nowadays, Patricia and Kenneth primarily run the Fish Fry and the Beer Garden, where all of the concerts and live music are arranged, for the Deercreek Dam Days. The Pettit’s IGA Express provides all of the food and products for the Fish Fry and they work together with other vendors and sponsors, as well as with the other members of the committee, to make the festival a success. New this year, the Dam Days will have sponsors from both Adena Healthcare, as well as the Savings Bank; however, their biggest sponsor over the years has been Pepsi Cola, who provides drinks and coolers for the event.

Patricia and Kenneth are beyond happy to have been able to help re-implement the Deercreek Dam Days festival. They have truly enjoyed the time that they have spent helping to reinvent the Dam Days and to provide a fun and positive event for the entire community. If you’re looking for a fun, family and community friendly event at the end of May and early June, be sure to stop by the Deercreek Dam Days and experience for yourself the sense of community that has become such an inspiring part of the Pettit’s lives.


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