2018 Deercreek Dam Days

Deercreek Dam Days prepares for royalty selection

Queen, Junior Queen, Princess & Prince term almost complete

2017 Dam Days 1st attendant Hailie Anderson, 2017 Dam Days Queen Noelle Little, 2017 Damn Days 2nd attendant Santana Fowler

The Deercreek Dam Days has been around since 1971, where it originally began under the title of “The Sulphur Springs Festival,” before the name was officially changed four years later. A festival that has been immensely popular among Deercreek and surrounding residencies, the Dam Days would not be complete without the crowning of its queen and her court. The crowning of the Dam Days royalty has been a continuing tradition since 1975, when DeAnne Clark became the first Dam Days Queen. Since then, the Deercreek Dam Days have elected a new queen, junior queen, princess, and prince each year.

2016 Dam Days Queen Michelle Jacques Crowning 2017 Dam Days Queen Noelle Little

The elected royalty for the previous year crowned Noelle Little as the 2017 Dam Days Queen, with Hailie Anderson placing as first attendant, and Santana Fowler placing as second attendant. Dam Days Junior Queen found Kaley Hatfield beneath the crown, with Rebecca Gragg as first attendant and Quincy Lowery as second attendant. For the Dam Days Princess, Raelynn McGrath stole the title, with Alia McCoy as first attendant. One thing that sets the Deercreek Dam Days apart from other festivals of its kind is that its court also crowns a prince. For the previous year, the title of Dam Days Prince was won by Tyson Lewis, with Mason Drewitt as first attendant, and Xavier Allen as second attendant.

Typically, there are a small number of girls in the running for the upper level court positions; usually around five applicants are expected, but the number varies. For the lower level court positions, there are closer to roughly ten applicants for positions of the the prince and princess. For each of the prospective Dam Days Court positions, there is an age range for applicants. If you’re looking to run for the next Dam Days Queen, you must be between the ages of fourteen and eighteen. For junior queen, the age range is nine to thirteen years old, and princesses and princes between four and eight years old. In order to become a Dam Days Queen, applicants must meet with the judges before the parade and, after the parade; the applicants will have a series of questions to answer. The judges, who are all from other festivals, receive the privilege of choosing the top three applicants. The queen is announced on Thursday night after the parade, while the junior queen, princess, and prince are announced on Wednesday night, after the parade. The winning royalty is invited to attend other festivals and luncheons, in which the royalty rides in their parades and speaks about the Deercreek Dam Days to publicize the festival and bring more attendees.

While there are not currently any “famous” former Dam Days Queens, most of the former queens have continued on to go to college, and become teachers and/or moms, which are all notable endeavors, in my opinion. The current Dam Days Queen and her court are spending their time going to schools and passing out flyers about the Dam Days festival, as well as about the application process, and participating in the parades of other nearby festivals. Make sure you stop by this years Deercreek Dam Days and witness the newest Dam Days Queen coronation.

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