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Kimberly's Budget Friendly Fun: Week 2

Thank you for joining me for week two of some budget friendly fun!  This week with the rain and then the extreme heat we pretty much stayed inside, but that didn’t keep us from having fun!

If you missed last week’s fun find it here!


This activity is so easy that anyone can do it and you probably have the items already in your house!  I simply took electrical tape (you could use masking or painters tape too) and taped out a giant tic-tac-toe board on the kitchen floor.  I then took eight paper plates and did four Xs and four Os on the back of them…AND THAT’S IT! The kids went to town playing tic-tac-toe over and over for several days!  If you pull the tape up you can just save the paper plates and when they want to play again just re-tape the floor! This is a super fun and cheap activity that ANYONE can do and everyone can enjoy!


This is so simple and the kids had so much fun making their own cereal bowls and mugs to use every day.  For supplies I went to the Dollar Tree and bought plain white ceramic bowls and coffee mugs for $1 each and a couple variety packs of permanent markers for $1 each.

The instructions are so simple…

  1. Draw whatever design you want on the bowl/mug/plate (whichever you purchase) and when you are finished you let it dry for an hour.  
  2. Then place the items on a baking sheet and place them in the oven…THEN TURN THE OVEN ON 350 degrees.  You do not want to preheat the oven and then place them in because they could crack, so by placing them in the oven when it is off it allows them to warm up with the oven!  
  3. When the oven beeps that it has reached 350 degrees then set the timer for 30 minutes.  
  4. After the time is up carefully remove the tray and LET IT COOL FOR A COUPLE HOURS!

A couple things to remember with this are when some colors of marker get hot the color changes a little, so be ready for it to look a little different! (brown came out green, red came out white, green came out yellowish/tan…other colors seemed to be okay!).  DO NOT put them in the dishwasher, gently hand wash only. Enjoy your personalized dishes!


This is a MUST for a summer snack!  The kids loved helping with this one too!

  • Bananas cut in half
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Chocolate chips (1 bag per 6-7 banana halves)
  • Coconut oil or Crisco (1tsp per bag of chocolate chips)
  • Sprinkles or nuts (any toppings you want!)
  1. Get a large baking sheet and cover with wax paper or parchment  paper
  2. Peel bananas and cut in half (as many as you want to make—we made a dozen)
  3. Slide a popsicle stick into the cut side of each banana and gently place on baking sheet (bag of 100 popsicle sticks at Dollar Tree for $1)
  4. Freeze OVERNIGHT (this allows the sticks to freeze into the bananas so they don’t slide off when you dip them in chocolate)
  5. Melt a bag of chocolate chips with 1tsp of coconut oil or Crisco in the microwave until smooth.  Get your toppings ready. Get the bananas out of the freezer and loosen from tray.
  6. Dip banana into chocolate, place back on baking sheet-with wax or parchment paper and immediately put on your toppings!  The chocolate hardens quickly since the bananas are frozen, so we did one at a time-chocolate and toppings-then moved onto the next one!
  7. Place baking sheet back into the freezer for at least an hour…then enjoy your snack!


4th of July is this week so here is a listing of some FREE local fireworks displays!  Pack up a cooler of water and juice grab bag of chips and some snacks and enjoy some FREE fun with your family!

  • 7/3 – London at 10pm at London High School
  • 7/4 – Ashville at 9:45pm at Ashville Park
  • 7/4 – Chillicothe at 10pm at Yoctangee Park

Thanks for Following!

Thank you for joining back for week two! Be sure to check back next Sunday for some more budget friendly fun with #KimberlysBFF and remember that fun doesn’t have to be expensive!  Go out and make some memories with your family and have a very SAFE and Happy 4th of July!


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