2018 Ashville Viking Festival

Enchanted Rainbow Bubbles comes to Ashville Viking Festival

Bubble station raises money for autism

The Ashville Viking Festival will host a creative startup that provides all the tools to make huge and plentiful bubbles. The company makes their own proprietary bubble solution and provides a bubble epxerience at festivals and parties. With the setup, participants can make 1000’s of bubbles or one giant bubble as big as grown man.

Susan Jackey and her family started the business in 2016. She said, “The reaction has been great and we are being requested to attend several festivals thru out the year.” They started by selling and demonstrating another company’s bubble wands during the summer, mostly to give kids something to do. They discovered when going to a fall festival that you cannot find bubble solution in the fall. “So I started experimenting with different ingredients to come up with a good solution,” Jackey said. She also noticed that small children (and some adults) had trouble using the commercial wands, so she redisgned those as well. Jackey added, “Many trial and errors later, I have found a combination that works really well.”

Before getting into bubbles, Jackey said she sold kid’s toys and costumes, and “enjoyed the company of other rennies.” She said the whole family helps in the business. She comes up with ideas and her husband Joe makes it work. Her kids and grandkids help, too. “My twins play with the kids and show them how to work the wands. My son likes to show kids different tricks they can do. My older daughter helps when she can, and the grandkids LOVE to help every chance they get,” exclaimed Jackey.

Jackey and her family travel up from Pleasureville, Kentucky, which is between Carrollton and Louisville. They provide party entertainment within an hour of their home. You will be able to buy their secret formula bubble mix at the festival, or you can order it online. It’s a non-toxic mix made in her home.

At the festival, Enchanted Rainbow Bubbles will set up bubble stations for the kids to make bubbles all day long. She added, “Our new adventure is putting people in a bubble for $1 and the proceeds are donated to autism. Keep your phones ready to take pictures!” Jakey said her greatest bubble momments are when a child who is physically challenged makes a bubble bigger than they are. She said, “The look on their face is priceless.” Also, she enjoys watching a child’s parents become a child with their kids while playing bubbles. “You cannot play with bubbles all day and be in a bad mood,” she declared.

Jackey is excited to come to the Ashville Viking Festival, so be sure to seek her out while you are visiting this weekend on April 28th and 29th at the Ashville Community Park.


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