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Finding Hope In your personal winter

Painting by Jamie Mosley and cover image for The Winter Circleville Guide, 2018.

Winter is often used as a metaphor for sad times in our lives when things are going wrong, and there doesn’t appear to be any hope. We equate the bitterly cold colorless winterscape with the lack of happiness and cold outlook on our own lives. For example, we might consider these circumstances the winter’s of our lives: dealing with a personal health crisis, caring for a loved one that’s probably not going to get better, or nurturing a loved one who is facing a devastating loss. One local children’s book author faced all these circumstances at the same time, and her book attempts to capture the story of how she made it through.

Cinda Pontious wrote the book, “Angelo’s Visit.” What you’re about to read is the story behind the story of that book. Cinda hopes that it helps you have hope and faith if you find yourself in a personal winter, like she did.

Cinda’s Story

I turned to prayer, and I asked for a sign so that I could get through the rough time. It wasn’t really about everything turning out perfectly; it was more about all the stuff that’s going on. I just need to be able to keep it together so I could help people that needed helped during that time.

I based it on that story. The sign that I asked for was for a red cardinal to come visit me.

The Circleville Guide

Read the full story in the print version of The Circleville Guide, available soon at Keystone Books & Gifts, Scioto Valley Coffee, The Pickaway County Visitor’s Center, and The Pickaway County Library.

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