Hannah Zimmerman – Pickaway Native, Miss Ohio Competitor

Hannah used the competition as a springboard for her passion.

Hannah Zimmerman, 2018 Miss Ohio 2nd Runner-up. Photo by Matt Boyd.

Hannah Zimmerman, a Westfall graduate, has her fair share of pageant royalty crowns. What started off with being named 2012 Miss Pumpkin Show, morphed into her being named 2015 Miss Greater Columbus, 2016 and 2018 Miss Miami Valley and 2017 Miss Montgomery County as well as earning four consecutive trips to the Miss Ohio competition. Hannah went on to place in the top four each year from 2016-2018, with the best showing of 1st Runner-up in 2016 and most recently a 2nd Runner-up. But, for Hannah, her journey within the Miss America Organization is a much more than a beauty competition.

Hannah, who is passionate about college access, received her Master’s in Education this past Spring

Scholarship. Success. Style. Service. These are the four points of the Miss America crown and are what attracted Hannah to the competition circuit. Hannah has a tremendous passion for education and college access, and this program has helped leverage her platform. That being said, she did say, “You don’t have to be Miss Ohio to have your platform come to life.”

Hannah, who has an undergraduate degree in pre-law from the University of Cincinnati, just completed her Master’s of Science in Education from the University of Dayton this past May. Following her graduation, she accepted a position with Xaiver University as an Admissions Counselor where she can help advance her passion in education and college access. She credits the scholarships she received at competitions as being something that helped make her educational journey possible.

When asked about what are her greatest memories of growing up in Pickaway County she said, “I was a cheerleader, so football Friday night was always important. It’s amazing how much the community backs the team in Westfall. Growing up in a small town keeps you grounded in life.” Being a former Miss Pumpkin Show she didn’t fail to mention the memories made on the third Wednesday through Saturday in October as well.

Hannah is appreciative of her support group throughout the pageants and her life. She said that many people have supported her along the way from sitting in the seats at the competitions to supporting her community service efforts. She said, “ I would undoubtedly not be the woman I am without all of [them].”

Hannah earned the Lifestyle and Fitness (Swimsuit) Award in the 2018 Miss Ohio competition.

Hannah at the 2018 Miss Ohio Competition:

Hannah during the talent portion of Miss Ohio.

Hannah was unsure if she wanted to compete for a fourth time at this year’s Miss Ohio Competition. She decided to give it a try when she knew that she wanted to do it for herself instead of a crown. A Facebook post she shared said it best, “ I am happy with the performances I gave, the presentation I displayed, the words I spoke and the memories I have made. Nothing was absolutely perfect for a judges scorecard, but it was perfect for me. I am so fortunate that I was able to learn and live out the four points of the crown, and will continue to do so as I progress into life.”

On Preliminary Night 1, Hannah earned the competition’s final Lifestyle and Fitness (Swimsuit) Award as they will be eliminating that portion for next year’s competition. For the talent portion, she performed an Irish dance to “Roundtable Rival.” She moved into the semi-finals with ten others and eventually the finals before being name 2nd Runner-up.

Hannah’s friend, Matti-Lynn Chrisman, was named 2018 Miss Ohio and will advance to the Miss America competition.


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