Brad Keaton opens new retail store, “Hodge Podge Garage”

A Year Round Garage Sale

Brad Keaton has started a new shop at 160 East Franklin Street in Circleville called “Hodge Podge Garage – Garage Sale Heaven.” It’s located on the other side of the street from the Police State and Pumpkin Show Building. They have garage sale and yard sale items, miscellaneous items like ceramic plates & dishes, and brand new items at big discounts. Next month, he intends to add a kid’s section with gently used baby, youth, and pre-teen clothes.

Brad will be the first to tell you, it’s not fancy. He says it’s not meant to be. He tries to sell all his products at 40% of the retail price. He keeps his prices low with a no-frills approach. It’s like a garage sale thats open every week.

“Those are all brand new refrigerators. Some of it is returns. Some of it is just dented boxes. Look at this printer… brand new, just has a damaged box,” Keaton said as he walked around the store. The shop has used furniture, and he’s sold a lot of lawn mowers. He said he can sell a brand new $350 lawn mower for $150, and that’s been a popular item this summer.

Hodge Podge Garage is open Friday and Saturday from 8 AM to 2 PM and you can reach him by phone at 740-497-8674.

Keaton has also added two other retailers to his shop. Rebelious Rose offers custom made soaps and Sparkles offers Paparazzi products. If you’re looking for a little retail space for your side business, Brad said to give him a call.


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