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Laurelville Fruit Co.

Pride of Laurelville since 1911

Laurelville Fruit Farm, located at 16181 Pike St. Laurelville, OH, has been producing some of the best fresh apple cider for 107 years. Currently owned by Robert Bowers II, Laurelville Fruit Farm is a family owned business in its third generation. The company was originally founded by Bower’s grandfather with the help of a local banker to finance the business. The farm was taken over by Bower’s father, Robert Bowers I, in the 80’s, and will be taken over in the future by Bower’s children and cousins, leading the company into its fourth generation.

Although they produce an array of fresh local fruit, Laurelville Fruit Farm is quite possibly most famously known for their absolutely delicious apple cider, which Bower’s himself describes as tasting “like eating a fresh apple,” and he’s exactly right! The cider starts being made in the fall and is available for purchase starting on Labor Day weekend. On average, the company sells anywhere from 15,000 to 25,000 gallons per year.

Laurelville Fruit Farm’s apple cider is a clean, local product, and the customers they receive value and respect family business. Most customers are tourists to the area, or are returning customers of the first, second, and third generation.

So if you’re craving a tall, fresh glass of apple cider, make sure you stop by and taste this amazing concoction of fall turned liquid for yourself! You can find Laurelville cider at the Rhoadside Market, or, you can stop on by the main retail store in Laurelville.

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