2018 Mother's Day Guide

Let’s Celebrate Pet Moms This Mother’s Day

Puppy and Kitty Momma's

Everyone celebrates Mom on Mother’s Day. There are the typical things to buy like flowers and cards. Have you ever wondered what pet Moms get? We get absolutely nothing. Some women can’t have kids or don’t want them so they choose pets instead. Let’s be honest folks, pets are like children. They fight, get into mischief, refuse to eat the food you put in front of them, steal toys from the others, get sick, and freak out when they are going to the Doctor office. They want to annoy you when you are busy but all they want is to be loved and to know they are in a safe place. These characteristics are typical of any child, furry or not. While talking to a few Moms, I have found the common factor, Love. These Mamas love their pets.

One Mom said, one dog sleeps with her and her husband. The other dog sleeps with their daughter. You just know there is a lot of love going around in that house. She said they greet her when coming home like she was gone for days instead of a few hours.

When talking to another pet Mom I couldn’t help but chuckle. She described a typical day. In the morning it is brush my face, Mama, and then I will swipe your make up tools. She calls it snatch and run. When the Mom is trying to work on a craft or something similar her cat likes to swipe anything lying around and will take off with it. The Mom must chase her down. She said the cat will run to the kitchen, drop to the floor and roll around. This action is called I want a treat because I’m cute. At night the kitty must sleep under the blanket, then crawl out, then want back in. It’s never ending for kitty and Mama. Kitty gets to nap the next day while Mama goes to work exhausted.

One dog Mom has said her pup only wants her to walk him. He pouts when someone else does it. He will run in and out all day when the sun is shining. At the end of the day he wants to cuddle with Mom but Dad will do as well. We pet Moms put up with quite a bit.

My own cats keep me busy. I have three that came from the same place. We first acquired our male Himalayan. Such a good boy he was, but after a while he acted lonely. So, in comes our female Bengal. She was a skinny thing with health problems. We loved her regardless. We soon found out that she was the girlfriend to our Himalayan. They had a daughter and she was my Grandma’s cat. Small world? Yes indeed. We ended up with the daughter because my Grandma couldn’t take care of her anymore. We now have the family living under one roof and life is never boring. They fight and argue, steal toys, food, and sleeping space. They follow me around to see what I’m doing. They fight over Mommy space and at times it gets a bit annoying. They throw up in the middle of the night and we find it in the dark, with our feet. They want attention and if they don’t get it they will find mischief and make us pay attention.

I feel that pet Moms are just as important as the Mothers who are celebrated on Mother’s Day. These pets are our children. They may have fur and tails but we love them just the same.


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