Local retailer is honored by international high-fashion brand

Christopher's Boutique wins exclusive honor

UNOde50 is a line of jewelry created in the late 90’s by the hand of a creative team who wanted to create a unique style of jewelry. They sought a something that blended tradition with moderns touches, with a handcrafted spirit that reflected exclusivity through design and quality. In the beginning, they only created 50 units of each design, hence its name. Over time, as they grew, they increased production, but held on to the name and the priority on exclusivity and design.

The jewelry line is currently showcased in major European fashion capitals such as Paris, Madrid, Rome, Milan, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Berlin as well as other important cities including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, San Diego, Las Vegas,

And Circleville.

Christopher’s Boutique of Circleville carries the line and was recently honored by the company in a ceremony held in Dallas, Texas. Sherree Jankiewicz, the stores proprietor said, “We were so honored to be able to get the top visual merchandising award out of 1200 stores in North America for two years in a row.” She added that the top 100 stores in North America were flown to Dallas for the ceremony, and the Circleville store won the top prize.

One of the owners of UNOde50 told Jankiewicz, that he was proud to have his product showcased in her store. She told him, “It’s such a beautiful line, and the pieces are so unique, it’s a pleasure to display it proudly.”

Jankiewicz fell in love with the line because, “It’s different, and its unique. It gives somebody something different to buy. And the line is so diverse.” She said the line isn’t inexpensive, but it’s not that high either, when you think about it. When you compare it to the price of a Pandora bracelet and a few charms, it’s about the same average price. Some of the pieces are under $100 and average around $145.

You can learn more about the UNOde50 line at www.unode50.com and more about a Circleville treasure, Christopher’s Boutique at christophersboutique.com.


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