Pickaway County Murals

Circleville and Ashville

Pickaway County is privileged to have a community dedicated to beautifying its surroundings. Examples of this dedication can be seen in various murals within the area.

Circleville’s Pumpkin Show Mural is located at 116 E. Main Street, on the side of the Johnson building. It was commissioned by The Pumpkin Show Committee in honor of the 100th Circleville Pumpkin Show, in 2006. It features scenes from Pumpkin Show’s past and also includes Circleville’s beloved Pumpkin Man. It was painted by Circleville native and internationally recognized muralist, Eric Henn.

The Bicentennial Mural is located next to 150 West Main Street in Circleville. It commemorates Pickaway County’s bicentennial, celebrated in 2010. The mural has rendering of the county’s first courthouse, and also highlights Pickaway County’s history as a hub for transportation and trade. It was also created by muralist Eric Henn.

The Ashville 4th of July Mural is located on Long Street in Downtown Ashville. It is right outside of Ohio’s Small Town Museum. The mural depicts the fun of Ashville’s annual festival held each July. It was commissioned by the Ashville Area Heritage Society who work tirelessly to remind residents of Ashville’s rich history. The mural was completed in 2010 by muralist and graphic designer, Dirk Rozich.

Prints of all the Eric Henn murals are available at The Pickaway County Welcome Center, and prints of the Ashville 4th of July mural are available at Ohio’s Small Town Museum in Ashville.
To learn more about connecting with the art community, contact ArtsaRound on Facebook or visit their website, www.artsaround.net.


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