2018 Winter Guide

Circleville fitness centers help locals reach weight loss goals

The New Year often gives us hope, allows us to turn a new page, to start a new chapter, and many other clichés. Truly, how often do we make a resolution, stick to it and accomplish our goals? New Year’s Resolutions are goals set to either break a bad habit like “smoking” or start a good habit like “exercising.” Diets and gym memberships sweep the nation starting on New Year’s Day by millions of excited go getters, but as quickly as the resolution are made, they are notoriously broken. In order to help our readers achieve their goals in 2018, I ventured out to a few local fitness centers in Circleville to find out the do’s and don’ts of making and sustaining your resolution this year.

Forget all the reasons why it won’t work and believe in the reason why it will.

Leslie Hatfield owner and operator of Jazzercise Fitness Studio located at 128 W. Main Street is excited to help make a healthier you. “We are REAL, no ‘gymidation,’ and cater to all levels, shapes and ages. We specialize in dance-group fitness with coaching and structure.” The studio offers cardio, resistance training, Pilates, yoga, kickboxing and modern dance.Hatfield suggested that losing weight is the resolution she hears the most, and “not enough time” or “I have two left feet” are the biggest excuse she hears for not obtaining goals. “In order to be successful you have to enjoy and love what you do, especially in regard to your fitness. Customers immediately feel at home when they come through the door.”

Another popular establishment in Circleville is CrossFit Hammerhead located at 145 Edison Ave. Hammerhead is starting its 7th year in business in 2018. Owner J.D Roy said Crossfit’s specialty is not specializing in one area. The goals in crossfit are “general physical preparedness”; in short G.P.P makes you better at anything you desire to do. Roy also believes the most common request is to lose fat and the most common excuse is “not enough time.”“Teaching athletes intensity in training, proper nutrition, hydration, and sleep are all important keys in completing your goals in 2018,” Roy added. Crossfit Hammerhead believes that they create an extended family within the gym, and that bond between all athletes help support each other daily. Regardless of age, gender, skill or lack of time, Hammerhead adapts to everyone.

The final fitness center I contacted calls 20055 US Rt. 23 in Circleville, home. Triumph 27 is entering their third year of training local residents. Chad Conley believes his 25 years of training and or coaching has led his gym into helping many people achieve their fitness goals. Much like other gyms Conley hears that “losing weight and to tone up,” are the most common resolutions requested. “Having clear vision and a goal in sight allows us to assist in making their resolution a reality.” “Too busy” and “not enough time” isn’t an excuse at Triumph 27, “We have different class times morning and evening and accommodate to most schedules,” Conley said Circleville is extremely fortunate to have a myriad of well established gyms to pursue our goals in 2018. Good luck to all of you in this year and “Forget all the reasons why it won’t work and believe in the reason why it will.” Unknown

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