Sofidel makes historic first roll of paper

I’m no Vanderbilt, but this train makes hay.

The Sofidel facility, located just south of Circleville, officially made its first roll of production-ready toilet paper on Friday, June 15th, 2018. Pictured below is the crew involved with this major accomplishment. The plant was first announced on a National platform by Obama in 2016. The movement of two large drying units from the Ohio River in a round about path to the Circleville plant caught the attention of the State a few months ago. Local residents are excited about the largest investment in this area in decades.

This is a truly Historic moment worthy of praise and celebration. Say congratulations to your favorite local Sofidel employee.

Check out a previous article on hiring at Sofidel.


Some people commented, “Wait! They’ve been producing toilet paper since January/February.” From my understanding, they’ve cut down paper shipped in from other locations since that time. Also, some test rolls have been run, but this is the first production ready paper made at the local facility.

Update 2:

Some people are asking, what brands are these? I assume, that’s because they want to support our local plant. List of Sofidel toilet paper brands.

They also white-label paper, which means some other brand puts their name on the paper made at our local Sofidel plant. I’ll try to find out which brands those are so we can buy them at our local store. If anyone knows, feel free to message the page. (On FB or news@circlevilleguide.com)

Update 3:

Wal-Mart and Kroger sell white label Sofidel toilet paper per reports.

Obama announcement:


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