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Circleville company plans significant expansion in 2018

Bricker said he believes in investing in local. That’s the reason he wanted to grow his operation in Circleville.

Utility Truck Equipment (UTE), headquartered in Circleville, Ohio, initiated a major expansion to their business by purchasing the 3 acre property at 305 East Logan Street in December. Ray Bricker, the company’s founder and President said they focus on digger derricks, aerial devices (cherry pickers), and Elliots for sign companies.

Ray Bricker, founder and President of UTE.

Bricker said they will be maintinaing their existing facility off of 23 behind Roosters, but they will be moving the maintenance division to the Logan Street address. He said the expansion will double their capacity to assemble new trucks and should help the company catch up on a backlog of orders. Bricker added that UTE’s growth depends on handling all the work that’s coming at them, and the additional space should help them do that.

The company currently employs 29 people. Bricker said, “I have more employees than productive space at the moment, and this will fix that.” Bricker said that despite being tight on room, they’re always looking to hire good mechanics. Bricker said he’s old school and likes to take care of his employees. He is proud that he very rarely loses people. He expects to be able to hire a handful of people next year with the additional work area. Interested mechanics can fill out an application or stop in to the shop.

Future site of UTE’s expansion on Logan Street, in Circleville.


UTE started in 1986 by Bricker and a partner named Tom Yodst. “We were located up in Oakland Park Avenue. Roughly around 99, Tom decided to retire. I took over the whole company. At that point and time, we bought this facility and remodeled it,” Bricker said. “We actually ran both operations, one up at Oakland Park and here.” When the economy went south around 2000, UTE allowed the Columbus lease to expire, and they moved the whole operation to their established Circleville location.

UTE sells trucks in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. Bricker said their core customers are local governments and utilities; however, they’ve had great success in growing their sign truck customers over the last year and a half.

Bricker expects improvements on the new location to take about 6 months, and they’ll start relocating some of their operations at that time.

For more information about UTE, see their website at http://utilitytruck.net.

Aerial view of the new UTE expansion site.
UTE employees assembling a new utility truck.
A utility truck in the shop for servicing.
A signed picture of the UTE group at their 30 year mark in 2016.

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